Legal Documents

  1. Agening Act 2063
  2. Federation Bidhan
  3. Jestha Nagarik Ain
  4. JesthaNagarikNiyamabali
  5. Senior Citizen Fund
  6. Senior Citizen Rule
  7. Activities of NASCIF
  8. Final Report Post Earth Quake Study
  9. भूकम्पको त्रासदीमा ज्येष्ठ नागरिकको अवस्था— एक अध्ययन
  10. Uniting the Senior Citizens of South Asia:Securing their Rights
  11. Declaration 2076


The living history and precious practical knowledge – senior citizens – have been encountering severe challenges for living with peace and dignity. The challenges can be divided into economic (loss of employment, income deficiency, economic insecurity), physical and physiological (health and medical, nutritional deficiency, adequate housing) and psycho-social (loss of respect, negligence, psychological and social maladjustment, elder abuse).

Major Activities

Following are the key activities of NASCIF:

  • Campaign for incorporating rights of the senior citizens in the new Constitution and subsequent legislations,
  • Legal assistance and counselling,
  • Policy analysis, monitoring and advocacy,
  •  Develop NASCIF as a resource organization


Work Approach

Working closely with human rights organization to safeguard the rights of senior citizens,

Collaborating with concerned agencies of government of Nepal,

Mobilizing senior citizens and other individuals and organizations,

Partnering with the Government and national and international organizations,