NASCIF ActivitiesFollowing are the key activities of NASCIF:

  • Campaign for incorporating rights of the senior citizens in the new Constitution and subsequent legislations,
  • Legal assistance and counselling,
  • Policy analysis, monitoring and advocacy,
  • Develop NASCIF as a resource organization
  • Social dialogue and discourse for reducing the generational gap,
  • Coordinate activities/programs regarding senior citizens conducted by different non-governable organizations`
  • Documentation and resource centre management,
  • Health services,
  • Facilitate/strengthen old age home’s establishment,
  • Facilitate to set up daycares centres,
  • Run a training program for managing and counselling old age,
  • Develop education materials and training manuals,
  • Conduct studies and surveys on different aspects of senior citizens,
  • Raise public awareness regarding various aspects of senior citizens and Celebrate different International Days relating to senior citizens.